Atomic Wallet Review 2022: Is It Safe & Secure?

A lot of people are very interested in the new technology called Atomic Wallet. This is a digital wallet that allows you to store your coins and tokens safely and securely on the blockchain. It also allows you to send and receive payments with other users around the world as well. If you want to learn more about atomic wallet, then keep reading! In this article, we’ll give you an overview of atomic wallet, including its security features, fees, available payment methods, etc..

Atomic Wallet Explained

Atomic wallet is the world’s first multi-cryptocurrency wallet. This app allows users to manage their cryptocurrency assets on a single platform. The best part about atomic wallet is that it supports more than 500 cryptocurrencies and over 40 fiat currencies. Atomic Wallet also has an identity management solution for business users, which helps businesses accept digital payments without compromising their data security. Here are some of its key features:

Atomic Wallet Pros & Cons

Atomic Wallet is a new cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to manage your crypto assets in one place. It’s easy to use, has a clean and intuitive interface, and much more. If you want to learn how Atomic Wallet works, then keep reading. We’ll cover all of the pros and cons so that you can decide if this is the right cryptocurrency wallet for you.


1. No fees – There are no fees to use this feature because there is no middleman taking a cut for themselves before any transaction has been made; instead, it’s up to users to agree on how much each asset is worth between each other and then make the trade in real time. This means that you can save money when trading without having to pay unnecessary fees first.

2. Fast – You can make trades with atomic swaps in under one second compared to traditional exchanges where they might take days or weeks! So if speed is what you’re looking for then this would be an ideal choice for you! The only downside of Atomic Swap is that it does not support all digital assets yet but more will be added over time as atomic swap technology develops further  

3. Decentralization – At omic Swaps allow users to trade without having to trust any centralized third party traders or exchanges. This means that you can use this feature without having to worry about their security, customer support, or what they might do in the future.


1. No trading – Atomic Swap is only available for cryptocurrency trading so if you want to trade different fiat currencies then Atomic Wallet is not an option for you! However, there are other features that can be used with Atomic Swap in order to make your own atomic swap trades like atomic contracts and smart contracts  

2. Not all coins supported – Atomic Wallet currently supports the following cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple(XRP). In addition, more digital assets will be added over time as atomic swap technology develops further which could change depending on how popular these new tokens become. For example, one of the most famous tokens being developed at the moment is Om iseGO (OMG).

3. No support – The only downside to Atomic Wallet is that it doesn’t have any customer service or technical support at this point in time. 

Atomic Wallet Features

Atomic Wallet has 3 main features:

1. Atomic Swish: This is a feature that allows users to convert their stored digital assets into a stable currency, such as the USD or EUR. The conversion rate of each digital asset is determined by demand and supply. One reason why this feature exists at all is because there are exchanges that do not support atomic swaps yet.

2. Atomic Swap: This feature allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without having to trust any third party traders or centralized exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, OKEx, etc. Instead of trusting an exchange with your funds and losing out on potential profits while they disappear into thin air, you can use an atomic swap instead where the two parties involved in the transaction directly agree on how to exchange values between each other without any middlemen taking a cut for themselves first (this means no fees).

3. Atomic Wallet Interface: The interface looks very similar to apps like Coinbase and Circle but it does have some unique features too including a built-in decentralized app store where anyone can create their own DApp (decentralized application) for free which will be compatible with all other atomic wallets running on top of Ethereum’s blockchain network.


 Atomic Wallet uses an air gap security model which means that your private key is never stored on their servers. Instead, they use a cold storage solution (cold wallet) to store the keys and keep them offline. Atomic Wallet also uses multi-signature transactions where two of three signatures are required in order to authorize any transaction through atomic swap. This ensures that no single party can steal funds from users by signing away their own signature without the other two parties’ knowledge or permission.

Customer Support

  Atomic Wallet has a support section on their website where you can get help from the company’s staff. They also have various social media accounts that provide customer service, such as Twitter and Telegram.


 There are no fees to use Atomic Wallet.


 Atomic Wallet is free to use.

Supported Coins

 Atomic Wallet is currently compatible with the following cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP).

Is Atomic Wallet Free?

  Atomic Wallet is free to use but there are some limitations. The main limitation is that you can only swap between the supported coins listed above. However, there are other features that can be used with Atomic Swap in order to make your own atomic swaps trades like atomic contracts and smart contracts.

Where Can I Get an Atomic Wallet?

 Atomic Wallet is currently available for download on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How to Install Atomic Wallet

You first need to download the latest version of Atom Wallet from their website . It will take a few minutes to install so be patient. After installation you can launch it using this link . You should now see an interface like the one below:

Once launched, click on “Create Account” at the top right corner. This will prompt you to enter your email address which is used solely for security purposes as well as your password. Make sure that both fields are filled out before continuing.

    *After entering your email and password you’ll then be prompted with a popup asking if you want to create a new wallet or import an existing wallet file which you can do by clicking here  (if not already done). If importing an existing wallet file then click on “Import”. This will bring up the following screen where you can locate the wallet file that was previously downloaded. Select the file and then click on “Import”. This will allow you to import your private keys into Atomic Wallet. Once that’s done, you’ll see a screen like this:

You can now proceed with creating an atomic swap trade by clicking on “Create Trade”. You’ll need to fill out the details for both parties involved in the transaction including their public address, amount of coins/tokens they’re swapping, and whether or not they’re making a deposit (if so). The next step is to select the type of exchange rate that you want between both parties. Clicking on either party will bring up their information about their wallet as well as their public addresses which are necessary in order for Atomic Wallet to create a successful atomic swap trade. After filling out all of this information just click on “Swap!” at the bottom left corner which should take you directly into a confirmation notification window where it will show if your trade was successfully created or not:

If it didn’t work then you can click on “Resend” at the bottom right corner and it will bring up a new page where you’ll be able to resend your trade. If that didn’t work then you can click on “Log Out” at the top left corner and this will take you back to Atomic Wallet’s main menu where all of your trades are listed.