6 Exodus Wallet Alternative

Exodus Wallet Overview

Exodus Wallet is a mobile wallet that allows you to store, send and receive your favorite cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in 2015 by former Coinbase employees who believe in the power of blockchain technology. Exodus Wallet has been designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing users to manage their digital assets without any hassle.

With all of the security and reliability that Exodus Wallet offers, you can be sure your funds will never get lost or stolen. You can also be assured of the transaction history for each cryptocurrency you own, so you’ll know exactly how much money is in your account at any given time.

What Are Some Similar Wallets Like Exodus?

There are many different types of wallets and exchanges that you can use to store your cryptocurrency. However, there are a few similar crypto wallets like Exodus which offer some of the same features as other popular wallets but at a lower price point than those more expensive options. In this article we will provide an overview of what these wallets have to offer and how they compare against other options.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular. While many people have heard of Bitcoin, there are also a lot of people who don’t know much about other cryptocurrencies. If you want to learn more about the world of crypto,  perhaps one of these wallets is right for you.


Mycelium is a type of wallet that can be used to store and exchange many different types of cryptocurrencies. It utilizes a combination of open source software and hardware, including an offline device that allows you to access your private keys from anywhere.

The wallet uses its own proprietary cryptocurrency called “Mylo”, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or spent on the platform itself. You will also have the ability to send funds back and forth between your mobile phone and Mycelium’s web-based interface at any time. The only drawback with this wallet is that it doesn’t support as many different cryptocurrencies as some others, but it does offer more than enough options for most people who want to use crypto in their daily lives.


Another popular type of wallet is the one made by Coinomi (formerly known as Xapo). This particular wallet supports over 100 different currencies and has been praised by both users and reviewers alike for its ease-of-use, security features and overall


Breadwallet is a mobile wallet that allows users to make payments using their iOS or Android phones. Breadwallet has been around since 2013, but the company recently launched its new app and website, which include a variety of cryptocurrencies.

The wallet can be used to store any number of different types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. However, it does not currently support many other popular coins such as Ripple or Monero. The good news is that Breadwallet has partnered with ShapeShift , a crypto exchange that supports over 750 different coins. This means you will always have the option to convert your cryptocurrency into another type if needed in order to spend it on something else.

If you haven’t tried a crypto wallet before because they are too complicated or expensive for you, then these wallets might just be what you need to get started with blockchain technology . They provide all of the same security features as more expensive options while also being easy enough for anyone to use from anywhere .


GreenAddress is a popular bitcoin wallet provider that offers its services globally. The company’s website provides information on how to buy bitcoins, send and receive payments, and manage accounts.

 It also offers a number of different tools for its users, including the ability to download the GreenAddress wallet and make secure purchases with your credit card.

The company is able to offer these services because it uses multisignature technology to allow multiple people access to one account at the same time. This ensures that both you and anyone else who possesses your private keys can’t spend money from an account without authorization from another person.

While this may sound like an inconvenience when compared to traditional wallets that use single signature authentication , there are actually plenty of benefits attached to using a multisignature wallet such as Green Address . With a single signature system, it is possible for hackers or identity thieves to send money out of an account without permission from one of the owners.

Multisignature systems eliminate this problem because each person must sign off on transactions before they can be completed. In addition, it is also possible to restore a compromised wallet using the GreenAddress backup feature .

Green Address is one of the most popular bitcoin wallets available today and has been praised for its ease-of-use and security features. If you want to start using bitcoins, then this may be the perfect place for you to start your journey.


Jaxx is a cryptocurrency wallet, which provides users with the ability to store, send and receive digital currencies. Jaxx was launched in 2014 by Anthony Di Iorio and Ethereum co-founder Anthony Lusardi.

Jaxx allows users to manage their funds on different blockchains. For example, you can store your Bitcoin and Ethereum in the same wallet or keep them separate with Jaxx’ “portfolio” feature .

The wallet also has an integrated exchange platform that lets you trade between cryptocurrencies without having to leave the browser it is open on. This offers a one-stop shop for all of your digital currency needs. Finally, because Jaxx uses decentralized technology , there is no risk of losing access to your funds if something happens to the company itself.

If you want a simple way to use blockchain technology while keeping control over your funds at all times, then Jaxx might be just what you need!

Ledger Nano S wallet

A new type of wallet has become popular with the increase in popularity of cryptocurrency or digital currency. The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet for Bitcoin which works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It features an OLED display that shows the current balance and lets you confirm transactions on your computer.

The wallet also has a small screen that will show you the private keys required to access your funds. This means that if someone else gets access to your computer, they won’t be able to use it without knowing what the keys are.

If you own bitcoins, then this is definitely an option for you because it offers more security and protection than traditional bitcoin wallets . It is also very easy to use and navigate around.

Is Exodus The Best Crypto Wallet?

Exodus is a solid crypto wallet with an easy to use interface. It’s one of the most popular wallets on the market, and has been around since 2014. It can store any coin (including Bitcoin). However, it doesn’t have an integrated exchange or trading platform like Coinbase.